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Payment FAQ

Methods of payment:

1. Bank Transfer

2. Paypal

3. Credit or Debit Card (Not available yet)


1. Bank transfer:

Bank transfer is used exclusively by RoboCutters to request payment for any RoboCutters Machine for any area that does not have a reseller. We have to protect our clients and ourselves against fraudulent claims and or payments. Bank Transfer is a secure method of payment whereby we and the client can guarantee that payment will be received and the goods ordered can be supplied with very little possibility of the client or us being defrauded.

There is no exception to this rule.

2. Paypal:

Paypal is used extensively to secure payment for any item or items where the order does not include a machine and it is used worldwide.

Exceptions are area that have local resellers, these areas can pay for machines and other items using paypal


3. Debit or Credit Cards

This option will be available soon but only online, we will not accept card details over the phone, via email etc. again this is to protect us and the client.